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Pro Shop

Located on the second floor, offers the latest in ten pin and candlepin equipment and accessories in stock, or you can order you equipment through us. Most items arrive in 3 to 4 business days unless back ordered. Come view our catalogs.

Bowling Balls

Bowling Bags

Bowling Shoes
We carry a large selection in stock of Etonic, Dexter, and Brunswick shoes.

Bowling Accessories
We offer a large selection of bowling accessories such as towels, wrist and elbow supports, rosin bags, sliding products, gloves, tapes, cleaners and polishes.  Stop by or call to inquire about specific products. 

Gifts/Miscellaneous Items
We carry such fun items as key chains, charms and socks. 

Ball Drilling

Our proshop expert offers custom ball fitting and drilling as you wait.  Fingertip and thumb products by Vise are available.  Call for times and availability or to make an appointment.

Price List (Tax included)
Pricing subject to change.  Pricing below as of 1/5/11.

Ten Pin Balls (per ball)

Fingertip Grip & Thumb Slug $50.00
Fingertip Grip $45.00
Conventional Grip $30.00
Extra Hole $5.00
Thumb Slug $10.00
Thumb Oval $15.00
Finger Inserts (installed) 2 for $5.00 or $3.00 each
Plug and Redrill Ball Price dependent on work needed to be done
Ball Resurfacing Price dependent on work needed to be done
Clean and Polish $10.00

Candlepin Balls (Pricing Per Ball)

Resurfacing $10.00
Repair and Resurface (up to 2 patches) $12.00
Repair (each additional patch) $5.00
Clean & Polish $4.00
Engraving (up to 6 letters) $3.00